miércoles, abril 16, 2008


This was a concept album about a young man trying to make it in the world, trying to find something or someone to depend on. It featured my biggest hit, Dry Your Eyes, and was quite down tempo and darker sounding than previous stuff

"It Was Supposed to Be So Easy"
"Could Well Be In"
"Not Addicted"
"Blinded by the Lights"
"Wouldn't Have It Any Other Way"
"Get Out of My House" (feat. MC C-Mone)
"Fit But You Know It"
"Such a Twat"
"What Is He Thinking?"
"Dry Your Eyes"
"Empty Cans"

A Grand Don't Come for Free is a concept album. In the story, the protagonist loses £1000. In the first track on the album, "It Was Supposed to Be So Easy", he plans out a series of seemingly simple events, including returning a DVD and taking out some money, but it all goes wrong when he realises he has misplaced a large amount of money, and that his television is broken. In the process of trying to recover the money, he:
Starts seeing a girl called Simone who works in JD's with Dan. ("Could Well Be In")
Tries to place a bet but couldn't make it to the bookies. The bet ends up losing anyway - it's his lucky day. ("Not Addicted")
Finds himself high on ecstasy, cocaine, and alcohol in a nightclub; when his girlfriend Simone fails to show up to the date, he's "mashed" and sees her kissing Dan, but then forgets about it. ("Blinded By the Lights")
Tells of how he is perfectly happy to miss out on spending time drinking with his mates, because he has fallen in love with Simone. ("Wouldn't Have It Any Other Way")
Argues with Simone and she kicks him out of her house. ("Get Out of My House")
Poses to impress a girl ("Fit But You Know It") in a take away restaurant during a heavy night drinking on holiday
Remorsefully reviews the events of the previous night during a phone call to a friend ("Such a Twat")
Suspects his mate Scott of stealing his coat and £1000, and discovers that his girlfriend is actually having an affair with Dan. ("What is He Thinking?")
Tries to cope with his girlfriend breaking up with him ("Dry Your Eyes").
Deals with the events of his life in one of two ways; the final track, "Empty Cans", features two endings to the plot, a bitter ending and a happy ending (the former where he and a TV repairman get into a fight over the repairman's fee, and the latter in which he reconciles with his mates and finds the thousand pounds hidden in his TV).
The B-Side to the UK single release of 'Fit But You Know It' contains the song 'Soaked By The Ale'. The story of this song takes place between the events of 'Fit But You Know It' and 'Such A Twat'. It documents one of Skinner's mates being annoyed at Mike for stealing a tub of ice cream whilst on holiday in Spain as a result of his excessive drinking. The chronological order is identified in 'Such A Twat' where Skinner raps "And that incident with the ice cream I forgot, it all ended in our vodka".


Debre morir previo a un corazon blando o a la habladuria de palabras indignas acerca de mi mismo. Que esta lengua incinire gente y debore dioses con el mismo fuego del infierno, que esta lengua bese hermanas y en final de alfombra roja Metacom despierte